The Barbie Drug: Melanotan

MelanotanWe realize that probably the best protection against the suns unsafe beams is melanin. This is found in our skins regular pigmentary framework. To give a speedy and basic significance behind what I’m referring to, when we go out into the sun or utilize a solarium we are causing harm to our skin. Subsequently melanin is delivered which is our skins color; giving us a decent tan. This is the thing we are attempting to accomplish when we sun tan.

So what is melanotan and why has it been named The Barbie drug? Melanotan is a chemical peptide made by analysts at the University of Arizona. They were searching for a method for giving a superior insurance to the more pleasant cleaned. However it was found by accident that other advantageous impacts were seen, these included hunger concealment and expanded moxie. With this large number of impacts it got nicknamed The Barbie drug.

Melanotan opened available to be purchased on the web as an examination substance and could be bought by anybody. Its utilization immediately became corrective. Individuals all around the world began buying it as a guide for tanning. Why go through endless hours lying under the sun or burn through many dollars on solarium meetings when you can essentially take a chemical that rapidly will give you a dull tan. With the public authority’s consistent alerts on the risks of sun tanning, it’s no big surprise some will search for a more secure and faster method for tanning.

In the event that you currently tan effectively, you will see exceptional outcomes with this peptide. Now and again individuals have become more obscure with melonotan no sun or solarium openness. Tragically melanotan will instigate the body’s normal melanin creation. On the off chance that you cannot or do not deliver any melanin then this would not help you. To truly come by the best outcomes and full advantages out of melanotan, openness to UV beams is as yet required.

Know how tanning injections work and how to use it

A lot of people are like to have a good tan. Several traditional methods exist to get a good tan like tanning beds and UV lights. However, these take more time and are very efficient too. But they also cause some skin problems. For that tanning, injection is implemented.

In recent years, the love melanotan tanning injection attracts more people. You can get easily tan the skin without using ultraviolent lights that may contribute to damage of the skin cells and lead to skin cancer too.

By determining how tanning injections work and how to use them will help you get a chance of tanning your skin without any negative effects.


There are two tanning injections available in the market they are

  • Melanotan 1
  • Melanotan 2

These products work by reproducing alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The hormone must be able to bind to melanocortin receptors.

The results are that the melanin pigment is stimulated within the skin tissue. As the levels of melanin increase, your skin will slowly become darker.

Melanotan 1 has a longer-lasting effect on your body than the other tanning injections. It takes enzymes more time to break it down.

Melanotan 2, however, binds to a greater number of receptors, generating a more wholesome, more variable effect on the organism.

Know-How to use

Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 can be purchased at a variety of online stores. There is nothing better than these tanning injections because you can administer them at home; you don’t have to visit a specialist or doctor to use them.

As a rule, we recommend that you begin with a smaller dose and then increase it over time. This love melanotan will enable you to achieve the best results. It is important to remember that lighter-skinned individuals will require more of the substance.

These injections should also be handled with caution because they might cause lumps or damage the tissue. Injections of tanning solutions can sometimes cause nausea and vomiting.